Thiếu Nam Survival Camp November 14, 2014

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Mission Statement:

Create an opportunity for members to become more in touch with nature while learning about nature preservation.  Members will learn to work together as a team and share in hardships, responsibilities, and challenges.  Each individual will challenge their own physical and mental limits, and try to conquer it with the help of others.

Organization of the Expedition:

  • The camp will be a backpacking camp so there are no permanent campsites.
  • It will be a two day/one night camp with a total hiking distance of 12-20 miles. (Exact distance will be known when a trail has been chosen).
  • Everyone will be divided into groups of 3-4 with an additional Huynh Truong Advisor.
  • Groups will share the responsibility of carrying equipment and food.

Cost of the Expedition:

  • Cost will depend on where the hike will take place and if transportation needs to be rented.
  • Estimation of cost: $40/person

Before the Expedition:

  • Everyone will be taught basic first aid:
    • Wounds, Rashes, RICE, etc…
  • Everyone will be taught basic hiking techniques:
    • Make shift hiking backpack vs buying one
    • How to pack: Type of clothes, how to fit everything, etc…
    • How to read a map and compass.
    • Survival skills
    • Avoid dangers: wild animals and poisonous plants, etc
  • Basic Equipment will be divided among the members; which includes: Tent, stove, pot, first aid kit, water filter, and food.
  • Each member can carry their own sleeping bag or blankets can be carried by one or two and shared.
  • Each member must carry a water container 2 liter (60 oz.) or larger.
  • Each member will have a trek staff.

Other Notes:

  • Classes can be taught during Tự Trị time to intrigue the members.
  • Class on uses of knots such as in making a hiking backpack (Anh Thịnh)
  • Class on First Aid (Anh Năng)
  • Class on what to take on a backpacking trip (Anh Huy)
  • Class on Poisonous trees and animals (Anh Jimmy)
  • Class on how to read a map and use a compass (Anh Nhật)

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